B12 Energy Injections

Are you tired during the day and can’t produce enough energy? This injection helps with energy and balance. The benefits include better mood, deeper sleep, a balanced immune system, mental clarity, and weight loss by increasing your metabolism.

'Slim-Thick' Injections

If you do not want to go under the knife or have the discomfort of liposuction, I have just what you need to eliminate those fat cells. This injection aids in regulating your glucose and insulin levels. It removes fat and reduces sugar cravings. It also regulates your appetite, boosts your immune system, and increases metabolism.

'Glow Up' Injections

The fountain of youth is no secret if you come to see me. This injection encourages healthy hair and nail growth. In addition, your skin health improves, and you will glow.


'Chile Not Today' Immunity Injection

Stay well this season by decreasing your likeliness of becoming ill from things like the common cold, flu, and yes, covid. In addition, this injection decreases changes in heart disease, increases calcium absorption, decreases autoimmune disease flares, and reduces depression.

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