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b-12 injections

Are you tired during the day and can’t produce enough energy? This injection helps with energy and balance. The benefits include better mood, deeper sleep, a balanced immune system, mental clarity, and weight loss by increasing your metabolism.

'Slim thic'

weight loss injections

If you do not want to go under the knife or have the discomfort of liposuction, I have just what you need to eliminate those fat cells. This injection aids in regulating your glucose and insulin levels. It removes fat and reduces sugar cravings. It also regulates your appetite, boosts your immune system, and increases metabolism.

'glow up'

beauty injections

Searching for a beauty boost? Our 'Glow Up' shot is here to enhance your radiance and elevate your well-being. Experience a brighter complexion, renewed confidence, and the beauty you deserve. It's time to shine!

'chile not today'

immunity injections

Ready to strengthen your immunity and say 'Chile, Not Today' to illnesses? Our immunity-boosting shot is here to fortify your defenses and keep you feeling your best. Experience enhanced immune function, better health, and a more resilient you. Don't wait - take control of your well-being today!

'Queen Charlotte'

ENergy + Weight loss injections

Need an energy boost with the added benefit of potential weight loss? Our 'Queen Charlotte' shot is here to supercharge your vitality and help you achieve your weight loss goals. Experience increased energy, mental clarity, and a metabolism boost. Unlock a healthier, more vibrant you today!


vitamin D injections

Struggling to find the energy you need during the day? Our VitaShot is here to boost your vitality and balance your well-being. Experience improved mood, deeper sleep, enhanced immune function, mental clarity, and a metabolism boost for potential weight loss. Unlock a brighter, healthier you today

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