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Sherry Williams RN


The Full Story

Sherry Williams, aka Nurse WOW, is a registered nurse who specializes in hyperemesis treatment and overall preventative wellness. Nurse WOW's goal is simple - she wants to educate you about health and then provide the resources you need to live your healthiest life.


She does this through her business, Nurse WOW Health & Wellness Services, located in Dallas. Nurse WOW offers a wide array of holistic treatment programs while specialties in weight loss management and hyperemesis gravidarum treatment.


With weight loss management, Nurse WOW uses her experience from lessening the impact of autoimmune disease and her almost decade-long research into weight loss to create programs that work for each person. Her goal is your success.


With her hyperemesis treatment, Nurse WOW uses her two decades of experience in labor and delivery nursing for high-risk patients to create real solutions for women experiencing extensive and persistent nausea.


“I’ve been a labor & delivery nurse for twenty years, and now I travel the state placing IVs into women experiencing high-risk pregnancies,” Williams said. “I’m also living with lupus. Once I discovered the benefits of IV Hydration therapy and how specific drips support patients in their desire to be healthy, I knew I wanted to invest in opening my own wellness space.”


Nurse WOW also offers essential health and wellness services with her shot bar and IV Hydration treatments. 


Nurse WOW Health & Wellness Services are available at our 6060 North Central Expressway sight by appointment and concierge services. We see ourselves as an integral part of the Dallas community and want to be at your next event. 

We can offer shot bars and IV Hydration treatments to fit your needs. Contact us today! 

Let’s Work Together

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